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Throughout your life, you’ve collected a set of beliefs about yourself. Some of those beliefs are healthy, while others are quite damaging. And, unfortunately, both are imprinted on your subconscious.

Beliefs that cause you to remain stuck in unhealthy patterns, limit your success, damage your relationships, and cause you pain are called “limiting beliefs.” Sealed away in the recesses of your subconscious, limiting beliefs are very difficult to overcome.

But it doesn’t have to be. With the powerful tools and gentle guidance of Kim Vincent, founder of Changes Happen, you can change these imprints. You can reprogram your patterns. You can have the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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Meet Kim


Kim’s stated life purpose, “to inspire transformation,” is the basis of her incredible 20-year career of coaching, developing, and training clients to live lives of passionate self-expression and authentic joy.

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Featured Workshop

November 19, 2016 Santa Monica |

Stop letting your past determine your future! Break through your fears and limitations and LIVE the life you really want! Fear affects us on many levels as stress, anxiety, social anxiety, panic…

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Guided Meditations


Let Kim’s guided meditations take you to a transcendent place of joy and peace. Download the MP3s on iTunes or, or purchase the CD here.

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Changes Happen Blog

Listen to podcasts, stay informed of new workshops and resources, enjoy information-rich series and motivational quotes and notes from Kim. It’s all here on the Changes Happen Blog.

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  • "I am very grateful to Kim for everything I gained in the Art of Joy of Living workshop."

    — Karen D., Psychotherapist & Executive Life Coach
  • "Kim gives you so much information, allowing you to experience real, lasting and effortless change."

    — Cindy Z., Teacher, Ojai, California
  • "Kim provides you with an effortless and enlightening way to change you life."

    — John G., Radio Presenter, Fresno, California
  • "This amazing workshop awakens the heart of human consciousness."

    — Ralph S., Entrepreneur, Seattle, Washington
  • "Unbelievable experience! This workshop brought me to my true self and lifted tons of weight from my shoulders."

    — Liliana M., Marketing, Fresno, California
  • "What I gained from this experience was a window into my true self and the guidance to live with purpose."

    — Lorraine P., Therapist, Bristol England