Changes Happen I Kim L. Vincent

The Art of Conscious Living


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This transformative two-day workshop is your opportunity to reclaim your power and transcend to a place of shutterstock_218492665heightened awareness. You will:

  • Learn how to return to a state of whole consciousness.
  • Discover how your thinking is creating your world.
  • Gain practical, step-by-step tools to help you reset your unconscious programs.
  • Learn how to shift your “family vortex” patterns.
  • Discover your soul’s vibrational intention, and how to live it.
  • Explore practical methods for easily overcoming fear.
  • Learn how to permanently change unhealthy and limiting core beliefs.
  • Identify ways to use your emotions — positive and negative — as tools to guide you on your path.
  • Reveal the secret to “holding space” for yourself and others.
  • Find your natural rhythm and how to enhance it; step into the flow of your life.

Why do we see change as being so hard? And what does consciousness have to do with it?

Your unconscious is running the show. Scientific studies have revealed that unconscious forces are driving our behaviors, decisions, emotions and actions 95% of the time. But you have the power to flip that percentage — with the right tools.

Created from a series of childhood experiences and memories, these unconscious forces — which consist of our beliefs, patterns, values and programming — made us who we are today. While we may consciously want to change, because the forces are unconscious, without the proper tools, creating change is like pushing a feather uphill on a windy day.

Why is it that we can be the best versions of ourselves with our friends, partners, colleagues — even completshutterstock_108717596e strangers — but put us with our families, and we’re suddenly unrecognizable? Kim calls this phenomenon our “Family Vortex Systems,” because we get sucked into assuming our old family personas: who our families perceived us to be years ago. And, quite often, this means we revert back to unhealthy behaviors and ways of communicating: in other words, we act like children.

The Art of Conscious Living can help you achieve a state of whole consciousness. Drawing on a collection of ancient wisdoms, NLP techniques and quantum physics, this weekend-long workshop offers individuals the opportunity to change the unconscious forces running your life. You’ll learn how to effectively change your programming so you automatically operate the way you want to. You’ll also discover how to change your Family Vortex System to start creating a different reality — one where you shift the dynamics to be who you truly are all the time.

Life is too short not to live a vibrant, joyful and blessed life. When you transform your thinking, you free yourself from the struggle of everyday life to become more aware, productive, and creative. In one amazing weekend, you can become conscious of yourself and your world in a way you’ve never experienced before.

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