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About Heléne

Helene Seisay

A native of Sweden has always found herself being passionate about helping people transform through healing from the inside out. Always mediating between friends & helping them discover their inner beauty.She was a life coach before she know that was a term.Her career blossomed as a makeup artist working with various model, stars and entertainers many of which grew close to her because of her gentleness seeking her advice & counsel while maneuvering their careers, relationships & families. When she became a mother and saw her children’s personalities she saw how they thought and how she could help them succeed . She noticed this specifically when she saw her sons athletic careers. She found NLP and how it  changed the deep routed  unconscious  thoughts disappear in an instant. With her prior study of Reiki, Pranic Healing and studying and the American Healing Institute and EFT she found NLP the next level of science to  truly help people be freed from stress and old habits.

Heléne has been blessed to work with highly successful entertainers & Olympic Athletes. Her specialty is providing inspirational healing of body ailments & healing old wounds through love and compassion and Science.

Heléne works in Santa Monica at Altus Sports institute and Changes Happen.

She resides in Santa Monica, California with her husband, 3 beautiful children and dog. She currently coaches NLP sessions at Altus Sports Institute and is available for private, group and corporate sessions.