Changes Happen I Kim L. Vincent



“Uplifting” and “exciting” are two words often used to describe Kim’s workshops. Participants leave having made positive, life-enhancing changes; having rid themselves of limiting beliefs; and, often, in awe of their own transformation.

Kim brings to her workshops over 20 years of experience “transforming lives.” Her charismatic style and compassionate nature ensure the experience is never forgotten.

What you’ll discover in these workshops is that changing life patterns and habits need not be painful — in fact, it can be FUN!

You’ll leave with a renewed sense of possibility as well as exercises, reminders, tools and practical ideas to keep yourself on track and enhance the work you’ve done.  And, most importantly, you’ll leave with a commitment to yourself to make the best use of what you learned — in every aspect of your life.


Explore the Workshops

  • Breaking Through the Fear Barrier

    Breaking Through the Fear Barrier

    Learn how to recognize and break through what's stopping you from being your true self with this life-chaning one-day workshop.
  • 7 Steps to Inner Freedom

    7 Steps to Inner Freedom

    Release patterns that have prevented you from creating the life you want with these seven steps.
  • Designing Your Best Year

    Designing Your Best Year

    All the tools you need to make this your best year yet!
  • Introduction to NLP

    Introduction to NLP

    With the set of skills NLP provides, you’ll be able to improve your life and your effectiveness — both personally and professionally.
  • Living on Purpose

    Living on Purpose

    September 19-20, 2015 | Learn the core set of skills necessary for transforming our thinking and creating a truly joyful life.
  • The Art of Conscious Living

    The Art of Conscious Living

    Transform your thinking, free yourself from the struggle and live within a space of higher consciousness.